Action & Adventure • R • Directed by: Baran bo Odar • 95 minutes

Sleepless stars Jamie Foxx as undercover Las Vegas police officer Vincent Downs, who is caught in a high stakes web of corrupt cops and the mob-controlled casino underground. When a heist goes wrong, a crew of homicidal gangsters kidnaps Downs' teenage son. In one sleepless night he will have to rescue his son, evade an internal affairs investigation, and bring the kidnappers to justice.

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Not even a good “Bad” movie!!
If you just have to watch this movie, rent it!! Really not worth the price of renting!! Like someone else said, watch the trailer, that’s the movie!! If you really want to waste 2hrs of time, go watch paint dry!! That will be A LOT MORE entertaining!!! — BF_HarrisJr

Good Acting, Awful Screenplay
So much is wrong with this movie. The title doesn't even make sense. It has good action but is so unrealistic its hard to watch. — MVCRTC

Predictable and lame — DrTim03

Boring and predictable. Waste of acting talent. Turned it off after watch about half of it. — Berkeley Rooster

Not a good movie for Jamie
J. Fox can be a good actor, but this wasn't a movie to showcase his talents. You'll get the gist of the movie in the trailer and then the movie is just a much longer version of the trailer! The movie is unremarkable and predictable. — Da Camel2

insomniacs dream
This is another horrible movie with horrible acting by jamie fuxx! Lame acting, bad script, comatose directing! Waste of time and money! — coleius

Someone went to sleep on this one.
Granted this will be considered the worst movie of 2016, or at least one of the worst of 2016! I however though it was good for what it was. A mediocre action film starring Jamie Foxx. Michelle Monoghan done all grown up on us. If you have low standards of action movies this is for you. — 16 HORSES

Not letting me watch the movie and I pay for it — South Boston 3